Saturday, June 2, 2007

Truth wins

Telling lies is an age old habit of man.  Sometimes it is taught by circumstances, often, by surrounding people. Knowingly or unknowingly the habit is picked up because lies sound attractive! It is a very effective tool to free oneself from difficulties and a useful tool to cheat others, leave alone the liar’s own conscience.  Are we tuned to tell the truth, always?

During my 9th class days, once all the boys were making merry during a teacher-changeover break. We were throwing paper balls, chalk pieces and shouting so unbecoming of a school. For a few moments we had forgotten that it was a classroom. Suddenly joining in the chaos, very much unlike me, I impulsively threw a broken chalk. Just then, AVR - our English teacher was entering the chaotic, noisy classroom. It was my only throw and my missile struck him on the chest. He became angry, even though it caused no pain, for it was totally bad behaviour. The class had become instantly silent on sighting our short teacher entering the classroom. He had seen the goings on at the door.  He was now at his chair and desk near the blackboard. From that position he asked the class who threw the chalk at him. Silence. He inquired again.  I boldly stood up and said “It was I , Sir”. After a small pause, he said “Okay, sit down.”  I was so relieved and also felt happy inside.  No punishment!

Whether it was an appreciation or respecting my honesty, I still wonder. I was telling the truth and it had won! I felt fortunate and happy that the family-nurtured habit and the value of telling the truth were being recognized. This little incident gave further impetus to stand by that habit consistently enough and I often recollect it with a sense of satisfaction.